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About Coach Morgan Randall

A Portrait of Coach Morgan RandallMorgan Randall is a great American philosopher, coach, mentor and legend (in his own mind). He has been leading teams at Radnor University for over forty years and has no plans on retiring any time soon.

In 2012 the Radnor University administration awarded him a lifetime contract. It’s the only award he has ever wanted.

While he has hundreds of wins to his credit, Coach Randall is a proud member of ZERO halls of fame and has no interest in belonging to any organization that would have him as a member. According to Randall “coaching is about the rewards not the awards and the rewards are in the relationships”.

His latest endeavor is Participation Trophy Books, a series of inspirational, educational and sometimes humorous resources which as he says “Cements my legacy as a genius. I’m kinda like the Dr. Phil of coaching. Plus it supplements my income since I’m an overworked and underpaid small college coach. So go buy a couple hundred copies of each of my books.”

Seeds of Success, a major motion picture about his career is in the works and is based on the award-winning book of the same name. Coach Randall is currently in studio producing a rap song “Old School Coach” which will be released in 2018.

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